You can now listen to music adapted to your genes


Spotify is one of the world’s largest distributors of streamed music and has now entered into a partnership with AncestryDNA. This means that once your genetic composition is uncovered, you can listen to your own playlists adapted to your DNA.

As we know, the saliva sample delivered to AncestryDNA results in a pie chart divided by an ethnicity estimate. It is this estimate that Spotify’s users can add to Spotify to generate playlists that best reflect the culture of the user’s ancestors.

Music is still a question of taste and pleasure

Jennifer Moon is an associate professor at the Department of Molecular Biosciences. In a comment to she says that there are no warranties that the user will like the music that Spotify presents according to the ethnicity estimate. She points out that one’s preferences are not only genetic, but also a result of the life we live.

Vineet Mehra at Ancestry tells to that more than 10 million people have given saliva for the AncestryDNA test. Surprisingly enough, after only a few days with the new Spotify and AncestryDNA service, more than 10,000 people had already created their own playlist adapted to their DNA.

Not possible without an AncestryDNA account

If you have been researching your own family history long enough, you would have a good overview of the ethnicity of your immediate ancestors. However, Spotify will not provide you with information of your genetic
playlist without you having an account with AncestryDNA. After what Geneastuff has heard, you can only create this by logging into your AncestryDNA account.