The population of Sweden


In order to keep its paying customers, the Swedish company ArkivDigital have had to step up their competition against the Swedish National Archives. The latter became free to use at the beginning of 2018.

It is no longer enough for ArkivDigital to offer in color the same sources as the Swedish national archive does in black and white.

Records also from recent time

ArkivDigital has now recently started to publish personal records of Sweden’s population from recent times. They did publish an overview of the country’s population from 1975 not so long ago. (Befolkningen i Sverige 1975; BIS 1975).

Later this autumn they published BIS from 1985. A few days ago they also released another sort of overview, this time about the Swedish Population in 1940. (Sveriges befolkning 1940).


As a source for its register from 1985, ArkivDigital has primarily used an excerpt from Sveriges befolkning 1986. The city of Uppsala did unfortunately not have data in the register of 1985. The data from
Sveriges befolkning 1987 has been used instead.

Sveriges befolkning 1940 complements the previous population databases: Sveriges befolkning 1950, 1960, 1975 and 1985 and the BIS 1860-1947.

It can be noted that Sveriges befolkning 1940 and BIS 1860-1947 overlap, but in practice the registers complement each other in a good way:

Sveriges befolkning 1940 gives a snapshot of the population on a certain date (31/12 1940). BIS 1860-1947 is built on the original parish books and gives us the opportunity to follow a certain person continuously, year by year.

Subscription needed

In the registers of ArkivDigital you can search the residents by first and last name, place, marital status and date of birth.

An All-in-one Subscription is required to obtain ArkivDigital’s register of
Sveriges befolkning 1940.