The Norwegian National Archives in collaboration with MyHeritage


The Norwegian census for 1891, 1900 and 1910 were recently made available at MyHeritage. The census gives MyHeritage 6.8 million new documents related to Norwegian family history.

The three censuses account for half of the six national censuses that currently are available to everyone online. These censuses are already on the archive’s website where you can search in them at no cost.

MyHeritage has featured this news on its own blog and through a newsletter sent out on March 14 this year. On the website of the National Archives in Norway, on the other hand, you cannot find any information about this collaboration.

MyHeritage gives you a little more than the National Archives, but it costs

The 1891 census, the 1900 census and the 1910 census are now available via MyHeritage’s website, but you have to pay to see the same amount of information you get for free from the Norwegian National Archives website.

If you are a paying customer at MyHeritage, you will also get the information in the censuses connected up to the different sources and family trees at MyHeritage.

Through the Digital Archive website you will also get the opportunity to see the original source.

Here you can search in the Norwegian censuses at MyHeritage

We will soon also have access to the 1920 census

The 1920 census is not yet available, since Norway has a 100-year restriction for this type of source. However, the work of making it searchable has already started.