The 5 worst inventions in the 20th century?


In spite of the fact that we currently still might make new inventions that people in the future will shake their heads at, we will allow ourselves a smile or two at some of the more remarkable inventions from the 1900’s .

1. The Parachute Suit

On February 4, 1912, the Austrian born Franz Reichelt jumped from the Eiffel Tower believing he would be able to land safely on the ground. The parachute did not open and he crashed to his death.

2. The Baby Cage

In 1922 the baby cage was invented for families with small apartments. This was meant to be a way for young children to get fresh air without leaving the apartment. The cage was mounted outside the window, just like some people assemble their air conditioner today.

3. “The Firebox”

This handy fire detector was designed to prevent phony fire alarms. When the notifier triggered the fire alarm, he or she was automaticly locked to the alarm so that the person could be arrested if the alarm proved to be false.

We can only imagine what happened if the fire brigade did not reach their destination until the fire spread to where the fire detector was located together with its “victim”!

4. The Telephone Answering Robot

The telephone answering robot was invented in 1964. Its sole purpose was to lift the handset when the phone rang. It did not do anything else …..

5. The Cigarette Holder for two

This was made for those who really loved each other and wanted to share lung cancer together.