Archival material from the Faeroe Islands is now online for the first time

Foto: Wikimedia Commons

Since last year, the Danish National Archives has been working to digitize archive material concerning the Faeroe Islands. The work has now come so far that some of the material has also been published at
Arkivalieronline under the theme Faeroe Islands.

The Faeroe Islands consist of a number of small islands. They are located just north of the UK about halfway between Norway and Iceland. Originally the islands were part of Norway. Since the end of Norway’s union with Denmark in 1814, they now belong to Denmark.

Death certificates and censuses are among the digitized

We can find both death certificates and censuses as well as material from “The Faeroe Trade Commission” in the archive material that is made available online. In other words, what is now available online is state archive material.

The Faeroe Islands had frequent censuses, far more frequently than happened in Norway. There are a total of 15 censuses that have now been made available online. The material is from 1801 and up to and including 1925.

For those who have relatives from the Faeroe Islands the aforementioned archive of death certificates is regarded as a small gold mine. This archive extends over the period from 1879 to 1971.

Currently, unfortunately only scanned images are available online. It may therefore be a time-consuming task to search through the material.

Several more archives from the Faeroe Islands are expected to be online in the coming months.