Was she really 122 years old?

Jeanne Calment celebrates her birthday number 121, Photo: Wikipedia

Ever since she died in the fall of 1997, the French woman Jeanne Louise Calment holds the special record of being the world’s longest living human. Now two Russian scientists are doubting whether she actually was 122 and 164 days.

If the researchers are right, no people have been registered to be over 120, says CBC News. Russian scientists, the mathematician Nikolai Zak and the geriatricians Valerij Novoselov claim that Jeanne Calment must have taken over her mother’s identity when her mother died in 1934.

The reason may be that “Jeanne” Calment in 1934 wanted to evade heritage tax.

In public records, it was the daughter of Jeanne Calment, Yvonne Calment, who died this year of pleurisy. Now it may seem that her daughter lived until 1997 and died not 122 years, but 99 years of age.

The picture is supposed to
show Jeanne Louise Calment as a 40-year-old.

The arguments that Jeanne Calment took her mother’s identity are several. Among other things, they emphasize that on her older days she ordered her youth images burned. Novoselov has, for months, analyzed biographies of Calment as well as interviews she has done. Witness descriptions and public documents are also used as the basis for the allegations.

The claim receives mixed response

Should the Russians be right in their claim, “Jeanne” Calment has been guilty of both identity theft and tax fraud. A claim that has received both criticism and recognition.

One of the sceptics is, perhaps not surprisingly, the mayor of Jeanne Calment’s hometown. He believes Zak and Novoselov’s report is both impossible and ridiculous.

No men on the top 10 list

It may not come as any surprise that the top 10 list of people who have lived the longest consists solely of women. If it was finally proved that Calment cheated about her age, Sarah Knauss from the US will take over the record. Knauss was born in 1880 and died two years after Calment, in 1999.

The longest living man is at the time of writing Jiroemon Kimura from Japan. He died in 2013 and survived 116 years and 54 days, barely 293 days less than the tenth longest living woman.

The oldest in Norway

Despite the fact that Norway is in the top layer of the best country to live in, we do not have any place on the top of the list of people who have lived the longest. Norway’s oldest woman was Maren Bolette Torp, who experienced 112 years and 61 days. Norway’s oldest man was Herman Smith-Johannsen, who experienced 111 years and 204 days.