Did Hitler have descendants?


If the message given around a dinner table in 1972 was correct, Adolf Hitler had both children and grandchildren.

40 years ago, French Philippe Loret and his six siblings sat around the dinner table as usual. What was not so common was that their father that day could tell them that their grandfather was none other than Adolf Hitler.

The Frenchman is still unsure how to react to this news that his father, of course, had to pass on to his children.

Did Hitler have a romance during WWI that resulted in children?

Adolf Hitler served in the German Army during the First World War, in the summer of 1917. According to Philippe Loret’s father Jean-Marie Loret, Hitler had a mistress and she was Philippe’s grandmother Charlotte. The result was Philippe Loret’s father Jean-Marie Loret.

Historians were long divided in their opinions on this controversial issue. Officially Hitler never had any children, but tests that were done in 2012 showed that Jean-Marie had the same blood type as Hitler and his handwriting resembled Hitler’s too.

Although Adolf Hitler himself never acknowledged or met Jean-Marie, military papers show that Philippe’s grandmother was handed over envelopes of money from German officers during WWII. When she died, her son found paintings signed by Adolf Hitler in her attic.

In Germany, another painting has been found. It shows a lady with a striking resemblance to Charlotte. This painting is also signed by Adolf Hitler.

Daily Mail Australia