Colored old Sami photographs


After seeing an old colored photograph of Abraham Lincoln, Per Ivar Somby got the idea of coloring the old black and white images of his own Sami family.

The work eventually resulted in a number of colored pictures. On February 9, his book “The People Under the Northern Lights” was launched. In this book you can see a number of the old black and white images colored by Somby.

The book is multilingual with short explanations for each photograph in both North Sami, Norwegian and English.

Old images of good quality

The pictures were originally taken by the Danish Northern Lights researcher and photographer Sophus Tromholt (1851-1896). Tromholt came to Kautokeino as a 31-year-old. He intended to take pictures of the Northern Lights, but ended up photographing the Sami population at the time too.

The original images Tromholt made are of a very good resolution. This gave Somby a particularly good starting point for coloring and creating new life for the old black and white pictures.

Per Ivar Somby’s coloring of old black and white images has resulted in this book.

The pictures are so special that today they are part of the UNESCO register for the World Document Heritage.

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