Ancestry gets 20 million in tax relief to stay in Utah

213 gets $ 2.4 million in tax relief

Utah’s government recently decided that Ancestry will get $ 20 million in tax relief to still leave its headquarters in Lehi, Utah. The decision is based on Ancestry having plans for 500 new employees and an investment of about $ 90 million in Utah.

The plans extend over a 9-year period. The result will be that Utah is getting well back economically through taxes on increased wage income in the region.

Started with magazines and books

Ancestry is today known as one of the largest companies in the world that targets genealogists. The company started small in the same Lehi where they produced journals and reference books for genealogists.

As IT gradually became a natural part of genealogy, the company was quick to adapt. It could then gradually provide databases and other services online.

DNA samples have been one of Ancestry’s main focuses lately.

Since the inception in 1983 with journals and books, the company has grown to serve 30 international markets and 3 million paying members.

Plans for further expansion

The company has now plans to grow internationally further. There is also a commitment to health within their DNA initiative.

The government in Utah recently challenged Ancestry on the issue of privacy around all submitted DNA samples. The answer they received was that Ancestry, unlike some other companies, do not share its DNA base with the pharmaceutical industry.

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According to Howard Hochhauser, Chief Financial Officer and Operations Manager of Ancestry, the company has taken a stand against sharing customers’ DNA.

Was already in the DNA market in 2002

It is now over 17 years since Ancestry came into the DNA market. This was long before “the man in the street” even started thinking of testing DNA.

According to Desert News, the company has since then completed 10 million DNA tests.