Geneastuff was started in the fall of 2018, as a further development of the Norwegian genealogy page Slekt1.com (started in 2008).

Slekt1 is among the top 5 largest websites for genealogists in Norway. Every year the website has around 750.000 page views.

For years we tried to directly translate Slekt1 to an international audience, but after a while we gave up. Slekt1 had become too big, complex and with a content mainly written for a Norwegian audience.

We therefore decided to start a brand new genealogy site for an international audience produced by the Slekt1-team. 

Slekt1 and Geneastuff is owned by Trygve Kikut and operated in cooperation with Gro Aarum. Brian Beard is the English language consultant.

In Geneastuff our goal is to republish some of the content earlier published in Norwegian on Slekt1. This page will also have content solely produced for Geneastuff.